tag whoot :O

didapati bahawa saya telah di tag oleh farahMOMSEN woo :O thanks bro . haha =='

1.Do you love yourself ?
not really :\ haha . mesti la :D

2.Give me 3 answer if you love yourself ?
-apakah ?

3.Who is your favourite artist ?
err . ntah la ekk . brader farid kamil , uncle will smith , grandpa black jack and many more :D

4.Put your favourite picsartist here ?
err . mesti ke ? kaorg byang kan je la ehh ? muka dia agak bulat , pastuhh mate ade dua , rambut dia blablablablabla -.-'

5.And tell me 3 answer why you like that artist ?
-what the hehh ?

6.Do you have finished eat the chicken on the table right now ?
err . jap2 . da bnyak kali aq cube faham kan soalan ni . hmmm . fail . next .. =='

7.What is your favourite T-shirt, and where you will get it ?
printed shirt , plain t-shirt , grandad neck , notch neck . topman , bundle and pasa borong =='

8.Do you like your life today ?
nope . so empty without her :(

9.What are you wearing shirt right now ?
dark grey military grandad :D

10.Tag this to 5 people only ?
ehh . da lebih lima ehh ? wahahaha :D

11.Who's that number one ?
kawan sesame sesatu seskola bhaa . 

12.Say something to your enemy
i'm taking pride in telling you to f*ck off and die .*middle finger for you :D

end without a doubt :\

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